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An exclusive look into the world of Ramses Shaffy (1933-2009), Holland's legendary chansonnier, composer, songwriter and actor. 'Ramses Shaffy, ‘Zing, vecht, huil, bid, lach, werk en bewonder’ is a true collector's item, in a 500 copies edition.

The collector's edition 'Het Ramses Shaffy Archief' is an 'upside-down shoebox', but in the most positive sense! Exclusive archive material by and about Ramses Shaffy has been gathered from various sources to bring Ramses to life, fifteen years after his death. The book and accompanying double album are 100% Ramses: a cacophony of images, music and stories, as chaotic as Ramses' life was. He had bravado, joie de vivre, was handsome and charismatic, but he was also a free spirit, someone on the seamy side of society who went through a lot of tragedy. This publication highlights all sides of Ramses Shaffy, the man who was - and is - loved by everyone in Holland. Leafing through this book, you will experience Ramses. 

A special look into the world of Ramses Shaffy (1933-2009), Holland's most legendary chansonnier, composer, songwriter and actor, who has left us classics such as 'Sammy', ‘We zullen doorgaan’, ‘Laat me’, ‘Zing, vecht, huil, bid, lach, werk en bewonder’ en ‘Shaffy cantate’.

In cooperation with Allard Pierson and Ramses' friends and family, we have obtained exclusive access to Ramses Shaffy's archive. Anyone wanting to discover Ramses Shaffy can spend hours browsing through the thousands of images displayed in this collector's edition. Handwritten letters, song lyrics, drawings, record sleeves, his collection, household effects and so on. An example of one of the peculiar discoveries was a large envelope on which was written: ‘Rechthouden volle asbak’ (Keep straight full ashtray). While clearing out his house, the ashtray including its contents was shoved into the envelope and stored in the archive.

Measuring 32 x 46 x 10 cm, this edition is a real collector's item. A lenticular print on the cover shows both the young Ramses and Ramses in the autumn of his life. Both images are etched in the memory of every Ramses fan. The book block comes in a luxury protective cover, which is partly hand-painted by renowned designer Bob van Dijk (also known for the 'nijntje xxl miffy' and 'Ik aksepteer u zoals ik ben - Herman Brood' editions). In addition, this collector's edition includes a specially compiled double-album containing more than twenty Ramses Shaffy hits.


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Expected release date: November 2024


Ramses Shaffy

Bob van Dijk studio

Sewn book block / Lenticular printing on front cover / Colour on edges

1000 pages / 32 x 46 x 10 cm





The collector’s edition ‘Het Ramses Shaffy archief’:
- contains a lenticular front cover print with two iconic photographs of Ramses Shaffy
- comes in a luxury protective case, which is partly hand-painted
- comes with an exclusive double-album containing more than twenty Ramses Shaffy hits
- is numbered
- includes a certificate of authenticity