Productions for companies

Suppose your company celebrates an anniversary and you would like to have something tangible for business relations or there is a special occasion that calls for making a book. We can help you realise your request like no other. With 30 years of experience in the trade, we possess all the knowledge to produce your company book.

Besides making books with individuals, we also publish special editions for companies, be it a production aimed at the general public, or an edition intended only for internal purposes. In both cases, we approach a company book as a lasting business card, with the book reflecting your company.

Our specialism

It is not without a reason that Komma qualifies as 'No ordinary publisher'. We like to think outside the box, believe in quality over quantity and the words 'that's impossible' don’t enter our vocabulary. As a result, our special editions are regularly awarded prizes. We - like no other - can help you publish your book. Whether it is a simple version with powerful content or an extravagant limited edition, at Komma you have come to the right place. 

Because we have a great love for art, photography, cooking and socially relevant subjects, these are the themes we have specialised in. We make books with (renowned) artists, photographers and chefs and, as said, have realised several productions for companies.

How do we proceed?

We review your request with the team and always come back to you with an answer. When we’re interested in your book, we will first schedule an online meeting to investigate whether there is a fit and a possibility for collaboration. We will discuss your wishes for the book and share our ideas. We'll also suggest a designer, make a step-by-step plan and discuss the follow-up.

Depending on your needs, we take several parts off your hands, varying from just the design to the entire content. We have a large and interesting network of copywriters, editors, photographers, printers, etc. and know how to connect the right people.

We have several designers in our network that we like to work with. Based on your idea, we will pair you with a designer we think is the best fit. If you have a designer in mind, we will assess their quality first.


If the product is intended for internal purposes, all books will be delivered to your office. The publication will be listed on our website but will not be offered for sale.

If the publication is aimed at a wider public, we make sure that your book is registered and stocked at the Centraal Boekhuis. In addition, we will do our utmost to get your book on sale in as many places as possible. With our years of experience and large network, we know exactly where national (and international) opportunities and possibilities lie. Your book will also be offered on our website and at

Tell us about your company book

Do you have an idea for a special company book, does the subject fit in with our specialisms and does our way of working appeal to you? Send an email to 

If you already have visual material and/or texts available, we would love you to send them along. Naturally, we will handle the information with care.