“The concern for our natural environment remains necessary, so I want to draw attention to the impressive life forms and beauty on earth with my photographs. Enjoy that fragile beauty!”

Fragile is the life work of Jan Vermeer. This particularly designed book is a journey through the world in which fascinating animals play a leading role.

In the past twenty-five years, Vermeer visited the farthest corners of the earth and stood face to face with gorillas in Congo and Rwanda. He witnessed several times the fascinating life cycle of emperor penguins in Antarctica. He felt void and especially privileged to put foot on Nova Zembla. On the seldom-visited Aldabra, he fixed the secret life of the giant turtle and made award-winning photographs of the up to ninety centimetres large coconut crab.

Fragile is also the stage where the award-winning photo of a puffin in the snowstorm gets all the space. In fragile, twenty-seven bird and animal species are presented. The fragile Japanese cranes form the red thread in the design. An exclusive photograph of two dancing cranes printed on Dibond makes fragile complete.

Fragile is a tribute to nature, to the wild animals that are trying to survive in a world where illegal hunting is one of the biggest threats. The biggest threat is overpopulation and global warming. As a result, the habitat of ecosystems is under heavy pressure with sometimes no longer any place left to survive.

While nature is facing great life-threatening problems, awareness has increased globally. The effects of climate change are increasingly being considered. By more consciously dealing with planet earth, the animal world also benefit and the chances of survival for all life forms will improve.

Linen box with book
Equipped with laser cut wooden cover and special binding.
Numbered and signed, unique award-winning photo printed on DIBOND

Size linen box
37.5 x 44 x 8.5 cm
Size book
35 x 40 cm
400 pages
ISBN 978-94-91525-79-7
NUR 653
€ 2.250,-

Publication date: Unknown

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