Sjimmie Veenhuis

“In the original conception of painting, a painting functions as a window on which the illusion of a underlying reality takes place. From my interest in these kinds of forms of visual transformation, I look for materials, from their original context that is not inclined to read differently than that what they actually are. With this I try to create a transformation by resetting the characteristic properties of the material used differently than one is accustomed to.
In my work I’m looking for a form of reflection on the way we are accustomed to look at our immediate vicinity. I am looking for shapes in which I take reconsideration of the behaviours of existing and available visual elements.”

Sjimmie Veenhuis (1984) creates installations in which he uses existing materials in their original shape. By reinterpreting concrete and recognizable image elements of the material itself, the functioning of the content alienation is perceived relative to our immediate vicinity.

The installations created by Sjimmie Veenhuis originate from logical choices that arise from the properties that the materials have of themselves. These properties also provide a compelling framework and thus directly affect the possibilities that exist as well as the final image.

Stripping the individual functionality of an object and merging these objects creates a new image. Without the individual building blocks being physically affected, their primary functionality remains intact at the same time. The work of Sjimmie Veenhuis provides a form of reflection on the duality of various configurations, in which the meaning of individual objects is reversed.

The self-evident that our immediate environment seems to have constituted the basic questions that Sjimmie Veenhuis has in his work: How do we see the world and how do we shape it? How quickly do we get used to the appearance of various shapes? What possibilities do materials offer even more, in addition to the shape in which we find them?

Sjimmie Veenhuis

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