Arts en Crafts
De kunst van Emil van Slooten

Emil van Slooten (1917 – 2009) was in his time the leading oncologist surgeon in the Netherlands. But he was also a visual artist of great allure. His ‘pictures’ are fascinating: such as humorous sketches on notes for employees, illustrating the content of the communicated interfaces. The slide show at his erudite speeches, both on official occasions and at parties, are small masterpieces. Sometimes they are merged into a incisive cartoon or a surprisingly witty fable.

In his portraits he shows himself as a sharp observer. The paintings of his hand are less playful; they always show a sensitive bond with his patients. The ceramic work is often again from a sparkling humour. His art brought together in ‘Arts and Crafts’ also gives an insight into the, now almost forgotten, special world of a former hospital.

Some old colleagues and admirers have been able to gather a selection of his art to prevent this aspect of his life’s work from being underexposed and being forgotten.

Arts en Crafts
The art of Emil van Slooten

Design and editing:
Bin Kroon, Joop van Dongen
Aya de Lange, Martin Lomecky

Sewn and bound
23 x 26,5 cm
168 pages
ISBN 978-94-91525-75-9
NUR 371
€ 29,95